How we work


We listen. 

The first meeting explores your current financial situation, your concerns, your day-to-day needs and your future goals. We assess how your pensions, investments, insurances and other interests can support you today and the future. We ask you specific questions and we make sure that you ask us the right questions so that all aspects of your lifestyle are covered. A great deal of time is spent not focusing on the money stuff but helping you to clarify your financial goals and dreams.

We inform.

Based on the information you provide us, supported by the most up-to-date financial planning tools, our highly qualified planners, and our many years of experience will create a plan to suit your current lifestyle and future goals and dreams. We will provide information on the best ways to realise goals such as your children going to university, getting them on the property ladder or longer term, for example, buying that holiday home, early retirement, ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of a catastrophe such as prolonged illness or death.

During this session we will explore your attitude to risk as it is important to match your risk to our recommendations. We use the most up to date risk profiling techniques to ensure that our recommendations don’t spring any nasty surprises.

We consider and advise on ways to minimise the most obvious risks such as investment values falling, the failure of financial institutions. However we also advise on less obvious risks, for example, the risk that your children one day get divorced and the departing spouse running off with half of your children’s’ inheritance.

We guide.

Our experts will create a unique plan for you.

The plan, based on sophisticated analysis, allows for all of the ‘what if’ questions such as

Can I retire early?

Will I have enough money to retire when I want to retire and do all the things I want to (or my wife wants to…!)

Can I make a cash gift to my children and still retire when I want?

Will I have enough money if I am off sick or disabled for a long time?

Will my family have enough money if I die?

Can I afford that round the world cruise when I retire?

Can I afford to buy and run a helicopter (we think this is an essential item)

Can I afford to resign from the job that I hate, today, and not in 5 years time?

Unlike some other financial advisers, we do not believe that it is possible to provide a financial plan without going through this process.

Together, we can then review the plan on an ongoing basis and so that you can make decisions about your financial future. We want to build long term relations ships with our clients. We are passionate about making a difference to our client’s lives and future wealth management. We want to retain our clients and for them to tell all their friends and family! Our planning helps to put you in charge. It might sound like a cliché, but we believe that you really can make your dreams come true. Remember, we’ve seen it happen.

The deliverable

You will receive a comprehensive financial and life plan, a suitable investment strategy that matches your needs and attitude to risk. The plan will include specific recommendations for implementation.

Once you are happy with, and have agreed to your plan, together with any amendments we can then implement the plan for you.

Staying on track

A regular review with us will keep your plan and investment strategy on track. We think that a useful analogy is to think of us as your financial and life satellite navigation system to keep you on track.


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