Protection Planning

A death or illness in the family can be an extremely traumatic and painful time, particularly for remaining family and loved-ones.The financial pressures can be heightened when children are remaining. The loss of this person and/or the income they bring into the household can severely affect the future of remaining family.

For this reason family protection in the form of life assurance, critical illness cover and income protection is essential to ensure their future is protected. The remaining family has the continued financial resources to maintain their standard of living and continue life the best they can.

The main considerations are what would happen if one of you were to die, become ill or disabled, or maybe the loss of employment due to redundancy. There are many way to sturcture how you can protect the family, this could be a mix of life assurance, cirtical illness protection and income proctection.

For a full review of your existing plans and to discuss the options, please contact us.

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