Moving Home


At any one time there may be hundreds of different mortgage options, only some of which will meet your needs.

While spending your lunchtimes and Saturdays walking from one bank or building society to another will normally get you a mortgage, we may well be able to get you better terms.

We will use powerful computer databases to sort through the whole range of mortgages and identify the best ones for your current circumstances.

That done, we will also oversee the process of actually completing on the mortgage, ensuring that all the parties (lawyers, lender, yourself) etc have all the right documentation at the right time. This is an essential part of the service, as all too often communication breakdowns lead to otherwise unnecessary delays and complications, and their role is to ensure that all progresses as smoothly as possible.

If you are just starting to look for property and are unsure as to how much you can borrow or what the costs involed are or if you want to know what sort of terms might be available then we can give guidance on this so that you don’t waste time pursuing unsuitable properties.

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